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What is a Storytelling Session?

I’ll first give you the artist’s definition. 😉 These sessions are 100% unposed photos of your moments in your day. These are a mix of “mundane” everyday things you do and can include an adventure or fun activity at home.

Can I have one posed photo?

Yes! I take one posed photo of everyone looking at me. This can be done on your couch, backyard, front porch, if you go on a hike or pick apples. I know you’ve hired me to take photos and you do want one posed one that you can update for yourself and your family members.

How long is the session?

These sessions are 2 – 3 hours

What is included in the session?

You get the edited digital images sent via download. This is roughly 70 – 100 images, a slideshow to share, and a gallery.

Ok, but is it weird to have someone just hanging around for 2 – 3 hours not giving any direction?

I get it. AND I’m an introvert. So feeling awkward is normal to me. 😉 But I think since I get this, I really try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I love to meet new people and chat about their life, so I won’t be just a weird awkward person standing in the background. You will know I’m there but feel at ease.

Do you give any direction?

If I see a perfectly good window with gorgeous light, I might say “could you go here and play legos/mix the cake/hold your baby.” Or if we have been doing an activity long enough and I know you have something else on the list, I’ll say maybe it’s time to do the next thing, etc.

Ok, I want to book one. What do I do?

Fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch with my pricing. Then if you decide to book one, I send a contract and invoice. The deposit (50%) is paid to book the session. Next is a questionnaire. This helps me get to know your family a bit and determine what activities and time of day would be best for you. Also questions such as “what parts of your home do you love/hate?” “What physical characteristics of your kids do you love right now and want to remember?” Once we narrow that down, then we chat either via phone, email, text, face time. Whichever is easiest for you. Sometimes my families feel more at ease if they see me first and it makes the session go a bit smoothly because you know me just a bit.

Do you have a past client who has done a storytelling session with you that I could ask how it went?

Yes! Please don’t feel weird about doing this. As an introvert, I also would want to know I would feel at ease, love how the session flowed, etc.

What types of activities would you suggest?

I do suggest that families do somewhat familiar activities. This affords the most genuine interactions and will hold the most memories for your family because you have many other memories of doing this activity together.

Here are a list of ideas – hiking, apple/berry picking, getting a Christmas Tree, decorating the Christmas tree, baking, games, puzzles, playing in the backyard, fishing, farmers market, getting ice cream/coffee, reading together, bath time, playing instruments.

There really isn’t anything that is too silly.

Do you travel?

Yes! I have announced my 2024 travel dates and you can see them here. If you book a session during these dates I don’t have a travel fee such as airfare or overnight stay. If I don’t have your travel dates listed, please still reach out! I love to travel and I do have ways to decrease the travel fee to your location. Let’s do this!

I believe in these sessions with all my heart. My kids are 18, 16, and 14 and our memories are the ones of the every day that have built on to create a bond we now share. Yes, we visited National Parks, stayed in fun cabins, went hiking, etc. But I now it’s those moments of reading every night, teaching them how to cook, Saturday walks at our near by wildlife refuge that made up who we are.

I also know how valuable photos are. Even the most imperfect ones. A friend of ours bough a disposable camera from the hospital gift shop so we could have photos of our identical twin boys because they weren’t going to live past the 24 hours of their birth. These are blurry, dark photos. But these are what we have and I treasure them always.

Photos are the only visual memory that will be with you and generations after you.

If you have any interest, I encourage you to contact me and I can answer any of your questions.

You can view all of my Storytelling work here.