Tips to take better photos of your kids with just an iPhone and natural light!

Do you ever just want a good photo of your kids that isn't foggy/backlit/or their faces underexposed while the background looks perfect clear?

Here are just a few tips to help!

  1. Move your child to face the window so the light is shining directly on them, then stand in front of the window to take the photo. This is called direct light and will give that gorgeous even light on your child's face while the background will be darker and less busy. Better yet, stand next to your child and take a selfie of both of you looking towards the window. :) Mom in the pic is always a win!
  2. Some people think the shade is best for photos. This is sort of true, but you have to use it correctly. The key is to not have the bright background behind your child. Find the edge of the shadow and take about two/three steps back in to the shadow with their back towards the shadow and face facing the sun/brightness. This is called open shade and the best most flattering light when your outside.
  3. Overhead lights don't make a better photo even when the room is dark. Turn off all the lights in the room and open the curtains, Natural direct light is always better than overhead lights. Artificial lights (that aren't professional) cast harsh shadows on a face and are basically never flattering. ;)
  4. Always remember that if your child is doing something adorable, don't wait for the perfect light. I've tried to practice this as a photographer and I have some pretty terrible photos of beautiful moments. I don't regret taking those photos nor do I regret making sure I have some perfectly exposed and composed photos of my kids. :)