I'm so glad your here!

I've been a photographer for almost 2 decades in wedding, family, and senior photography. I began when other photographers were coming on the scene while the more seasoned photographers didn't want much to do with me because I was on their turf that they worked hard for. I felt like they thought I didn't work hard for where I was, and many times just felt alone and didn't know who I could connect with.

I also wanted to be a stay at home home school mom, so add an even more complex element to my marketing and time management!

But I want to help you learn things that I didn't know when I began, such as time management, marketing in a saturated market, how to take care of your clients (I genuinely love all of my clients and want to connect on a personal level), and all things photography itself.

I've worked hard to master posing, crafting the perfect wedding time line and combination lists for family photos that keep stress to a minimum for your couples (I know what questions to ask prior to the wedding so they don't have to think about the stress of family dynamics), and the unposed family moments created with beautiful composition.

Some topics I cover in my 4 week mentoring via zoom (or in person)

My artistic approach to In Home Story Telling Sessions and helping you embrace your unique way you see moments and details.

How I interact with my clients to help them feel at ease

Questions I ask my clients before a Story Session

What I do if I feel I'm not connecting with my client at a session

Shot critique

How I build my Story Sessions portfolio

Access to my welcome packet, shot list, and questions I ask my clients template and fully customizable

Contact me if you're interested! I take just 5 photographers a year. :)

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