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In Home Storytelling Session with Read Aloud with Daddy , Mama & Baby Nursing, and Dinner Time

Storytelling In Home Sessions

I absolutely love these sessions! To tell a family’s authentic, real story for them to keep and remember this season whether it be a busy, exhausting one, a bit more relaxed with middle aged kids, or even adult kids and you want to photograph all of you together, creating a meal, playing games, a hike. I love it all. I believe in these sessions for families because I know, as a mom of almost out of the house kids, these are the moments you will want to look back on. Those seemingly mundane moments.

This family enjoyed some down time together just playing in the living room waiting for Daddy to get home, prepping the sourdough for dinner, then wrestling and tickle fights once Daddy came through the door. While they played together downstairs, I went up with Mom to capture some photos of her nursing her daughter. She had asked me to do this since this is her last baby. Then it was time for dinner and getting ready for bed. The boys had some wound down time with Daddy as they played in their room and Mom cleaned up.

I think this might be my favorite time of day to photograph a family with kids under 5. The dinner, getting ready for bed, can be the most exhausting of the day, but I have found that this is when the memories are made. I remember being so tired for the kids to finally go to bed but this is when they asked their questions, used up the rest of their energy, snuggled with me on the bed to read. This might seem boring or too stressed out for you, but these are beautiful moments. I promise!

I’m traveling to Dublin in September. If you would like a session, please reach out! I don’t have a travel fee!

I’ve also announced my other 2024 Travel dates if you want to check out here and see if I’m near you!