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In Home Storytelling Session + Lots of Pretend Play + A Hike in the Rainy Woods

Portland Family Photographer

This sweet 3 year old girl was so fun to photograph. She has the best personality and did the funniest things. It took her a bit to get comfortable with me, but then she proudly walked around with her tutu and showed me all around the park near their home, and played in her box with her favorite stuffed animal. I had so much fun spending a few hours with this family

Anything that’s meaningful to your family, isn’t a boring thing to photograph. If it means something to you, then it will show in photos, and you will have these memories forever. Photos are the only visual tangible object we will have to pass down to our kids showing the who we were. Their Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles. Photos are a priceless investment in your family.

I’m traveling to London in September and I would love to chat about a Storytelling Session, Branding Business Session, or NP org. I don’t have a travel fee if you book me during that time. You can go here to see all of my 2024 Travel Dates and if your location isn’t on the list, please still reach out and we can chat about a session. I have some ways to decrease travel fees.