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How to try to make sure everyone is happy for your mini session

How to *try* to make sure everyone is happy for your mini session

Lincoln was 4 months old and the girls were 4 and 2, and I thought “hey! We are all ready dressed up for church, why not just take our photos before!”

You guys. It was the middle of December. DECEMBER and 8:30 in the morning!

To say my family was mad at me is an understatement! 😉

And by family I mean the husband. He has this really funny dry sense of humor even when he is upset, and he kept muttering the funniest things about who on earth had this idea, this is my worst idea ever! I was laughing while the girls were shivering and faces were freezing!

So this wasn’t the best time to plan our family photos. Hindsight is 20/20.

When it comes to choosing the time of your session, keep this in mind.

When do your kids take naps? If they take an afternoon nap, when are they the happiest? Mine were the best about 2 hours before their next nap.

What time is their bedtime? My kids went to bed at 7, so planning an evening session would’t have been the best for our fam. I do morning sessions to get that gorgeous light if you want happy kids and beautiful light!

How often do they need to eat to be happy? Bring a snack that won’t make a mess and water for a drink so they don’t stain.

Arrive 15 minutes early to your session so no one is rushing out of the car. I was notoriously trying to cram everything in to my schedule and rushed around with my young kids all the time. But when it comes to your session, leave time to get the kids out of the car, hair brushed, enough time to walk around and eat a snack.

I always have treats for kids to grab after the session, so you don’t even need to bribe them with a trip to Dutch Bros!

And parents, give yourself a treat. 😉 Plan to go buy one of these overprices Holiday drinks from Starbucks!