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The End of a Season

I've been photographing weddings for 18 years. It's mostly defined my business, but the last several years I found myself wanting to branch out and stretch my creativity differently.

That's when I discovered Storytelling Photography (also known as Documentary Photography). My close friend Desirea told me about this type of photography because it was more popular on the East coast, and she was very successful offering these sessions in the New York area. It drew me in because what I don't love about typical family photography is the overly posed images (yes, we all want one photo of everyone looking at the camera!). I love the real moments that are so natural and don't look staged in anyway. But I also look at life as the real, ugly, beautiful, authentic moments. So it makes sense that I want this in my photography, right?

In 2019 I branched out in to Storytelling sessions and it was life giving! It also helped me see lifestyle sessions in a different way. I began giving gentle direction to get those more candid moments but they weren't completely natural, such as a Storytelling session. I found a place for both in my creative self. ;) Being a creative is fun! Yes, we want it all figured out at once, but there is something fun and beautiful about continuing to grow as an artist.

So covid happened. Weddings were moved or cancelled and Storytelling and lifestyle sessions decreased. When 2023 rolled around I thought what better time to quit weddings and pursue what I love so much? I've shot all of the delayed 2020 weddings and just have a couple weddings this year.

That's what I did! I'm now on to a new adventure this year and I'm so happy! I've all ready met some amazing people and I have tons of fun shoots coming up in the next few weeks.

Thank you for supporting my business and cheering me on as I grow and change as a photographer.