My Favorite Locations in Eugene and Corvallis for Family Photos in the Fall

Oregon fall is gorgeous, but it doesn't last very long so my photo season Is crammed with sessions to try to get all that beautiful fall color. This can make finding a unique location difficult. I try to give my clients as many location ideas with why I love them and when they are at their peak for lighting and color.

Dorris Ranch - I've been photographing here before it got cleaned up about 12 years ago. What I love about Dorris is we don't have to walk far for a variety of backdrops such as the orchard, large grassy field, and oak trees. The colors are beautiful all year because the hazelnut tree leaves always have such nice color. We also have the option of walking away from the busy to a grouping of oak trees and fields and the sun can be really beautiful here.

Mt. Pisgah - I grew up going to Pigah most weekends with my lab/shepard dog Ernie and my Dad, and we would walk on the trails that most beautiful didn't go and play in the river when it was hot. I have such fond memories of this place. The lighting here is so gorgeous and the oak trees are a favorite of mine. I've always loved the big open field across from the large building uses for weddings, but if it's prime time for shooting, it can be busy. I can work around other photographers by going somewhere else for a bit, but we just have to be flexible with time. There is also lots of poison oak here so be aware if you get it. Dorris also has poison oak, but just not as much walking around.

Hendrix Park - Hendrix is a bit different than the ones above because it's so Green with lots of colors, but if i't been raining then the ground can be very wet. We can also walk across the main area to the wooded area and Get a different backdrop. This is a perfect spot if you want the look of a groomed and very green landscape in your photos.

Finley Wildlife Refuge - Our family visits here often to walk the quiet trails and see the birds and wildlife. It's a longer drive from Eugene, about 1 hour, but I tell my clients to make it in to a an adventure and take some time to walk the boardwalk after our session. This place has the most variety with wide open fields, oak trees everywhere, an old home, and endless natural landscape. I will often ask my clients to drive out to the gate to get some photos in the field with the sun setting at the end of their session.

Bald Hill in Corvallis - This is like Pisgah but with closer hills in the background. There are also a few entrances so we can choose which one you would like best based on time of day.