What type of session should I book?

I get asked often if 15 minutes is enough time for their family photo session and then I follow up with a series of questions to see what they are looking for in their family photography session, because I would be doubtful too!

If you have several children 3 and under, it can be tricky. Not impossible because I'm a Mom and I get reeeaaal goofy during session to get a smile, but there is always a chance that one of the kids isn't smiling or even looking at the camera while the others are doing just fine with their adorable grins. Eighteen months - 3 years is the age frame when kids are asserting their will and don't want to give you what your asking, or they may have a lot of stranger danger and who is this lady making weird faces at me??

Another thing to consider is what type of photos do you want out of this session? Do you want to just update your family photo and send Holiday cards? Maybe get a few individuals of the kids? You and your partner? Then I can almost always deliver these things.

If you want some candids of the kids interacting, playing, hugs and tickle fights, then a half or full session would be a better fit for you. These aren't done on specific days like my Mini Session Events, but rather scheduled around our schedules. You can choose an evening or morning for the best lighting, or if it's Oct 1 - March then all day has beautiful light (if the sun is out ;)).

I want my families to be happy with what they have when they pull up their gallery, so I want to always communicate what I can deliver in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour.

If you know you will be stressed with the 15 minute session and worry you've just spent money on photos that may not turn out because Timmy threw a fit, or someone won't smile or even look at the camera, then you would probably be happy knowing you when you get the link for your gallery and those beautiful photos of all the people you love the most, load on your camera, that your session choice was the best one.

Don't hesitate to contact me via email or text to ask any questions!


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Eugene photographer, corvallis photographer, portland photographer, Eugene family photographer