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How to Prepare for a Family Session

How to Prepare for a Family Session.

Don’t be me. The kids were 13, 11, and 9 and we were in the middle of crazy busy summer, the girls were dancing at a local Scandinavian Festival twice a day, my schedule was crazy with work, and we had the smallest bit of time to carve out for family photos.

So I said the kids.

“Go wear whatever you want.”

Yeah. You can guess where this is going. One daughter wore this beautiful black dress with giant roses on it, the other a white dress with blue flowers, my son and husband a plaid shirt. I wore a white shirt. Yeah. A white one.

I was just so tired and couldn’t even think about what I should wear, let alone the rest of the family and I just needed this season in stills to check it off the box.

Don’t be me.

I’m not saying “don’t book your session when like is busy,” because life is ALWAYS busy. But there is one step you can do to make it easier to choose outfits.

Find yours first. Mom – you are the most important one in this session because you and I both know we aren’t sending out Xmas cards or giving the grandparents photo gifts if we have to look at it every time we visit, and hate that we wore that shapeless awful white tank top. 😉 Learn from me!

Take some time and figure out what you want to wear based on what is most comfortable, looks the best on you, the color is your favorite, and you just love it. Don ‘t just make due with something because you have to get it done.

Then when you find your favorite outfit, think about the rest of your family and what they should wear. Plan the colors and style that best matches you.

Some ideas for color matching beyond shirts, pants, and dresses.

The girls can wear cute scarves that pull in the color in your outfit, or hair pieces. The boys can wear hats or ties. Match your daughters adorable dress shoes to your outfit.


Don’t be shy to wear that hat, AND you don’t have to wear it for the entire session. We can take some photos without it, then you can wear it for the remainder of the session. This is a time to do something fun that is a little bit you and a little bit fun!

Once you book a session with me, you can text me photos of the clothes you are thinking about and we can discuss how well they go tougher, etc. You don’t need to do this alone and I have experience with what not to do. 😉